Tool Box

This page introduces some practitioner's tools for thinking, collaborating, model building, and creating satire.



This cube represents a moment in practice. The arrows passing through the cube represent the three developmental sequences that simultaneously make up that moment. From Edwin Hutchins' 1995 Cognition In The Wild (MIT Press): Figure 9.1, p.372.


 Below is a graphic one-page summary of de Bono's Six Thinking Hats, a practice for collaborative thinking.     A full version illustrated by H.E. Kuchka can be found in the appendix of the Prelude


For notes on satire, click here.


For a Minimalist Epistemological Hierarchy, click here.


For an outline of the structural elements of critical thinking applied to the example of the logic of science, click here.


A key to semiotic signs used in constructing graphic models of human ecosystems is provided below. If you would like to open these as a pdf, click here.


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